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André Marchandise

André is a photographer mostly active in race photography. He is interested in covering car/formula racing, rallye and karting at the national or FIA/CIK level and is willing to travel through Europe to cover such events. Besides motorised sports, André has become a reknowned studio photographer, and is currently Praha Khan's official shooter. An extensive portfolio can be found on his website.

Location: Kontich, BE
Specialty: Anything wirh fast moving objects with lots of horsepower. And anything sexy.

Demetrius Vanspranghe

Demetrius is an amateur photographer who loves to travel around the world, covering most of the major airshows. When he's not facing the sky, he shoots cities, musea, national parks, etc... Demetrius is also member of "Klik-Klak".

Location: Zaventem, BE
Specialty: Aviation, architecture, landscape, experimental photography.

Eric Vandeputte

Eric teaches photography and video at CVO Hageland and GLTT. He is also active as a freelance photographer. His main photographic intrest are people, indoor sports, automotive, events and product photography.

Location: Tervuren, BE
Specialty: Automotive, events, people, sports.

Geert Franquet

Geert started with photography 2 years ago. He is mainly interested in sports photography and especially in motorised sports, cycling and football. He is team photographer of FC Germinal Beerschot (winner of the Belgian Cupfinal in 2005) and hopes to become a professional photographer in the future.

Location: Boom, BE
Specialty: Motorised sports, football and cycling.

Jimmy De Taeye

Jimmy is an amateur photographer. He's interested in nature, animal, portrait, sports and stage photography. He's willing to shoot events now and then.

Location: Geraardsbergen, BE
Specialty: animals, outside portraits and stage photography.
Website: Hotshots

Jonas Van Bogaert

One things's for sure: Jonas' passion is photography! His main interest lies in nature- and model photography. But of course, he's also willing to shoot an event now and then, if time permits. He is eager to learn and really bitten by the photo virus.

Location: Kruibeke, BE
Specialty: Nature and portrait
Website: Xenographie

Rudi Compté

Rudi has always been fascinated by photography. Since the digital age, he's been active mostly in model-, horse- and sports photography. But other disciplines like macro- and nature photography are also amongst his intrests. Rudi is also a member of Klik-klak Zaventem.

Location: Mechelen, BE
Specialty: Model photography, horses, sports.

Stef Vandersmissen

I'm a passionated amateur - photographer. Main interest : models, music and macro. other : sports, culture. I'm also photographing for FDZaventem.

Location: Zaventem, BE
Specialty: models, sports, concerts, fire-dept
Website: Stef's Place

Stefaan Ellebaut

Stefaans main interest is photography, along with webdesign and military aviation. Besides his passion for military aviation photography and portraits, he is also fond of product photography, events, animals and macro. You could say he's 'multiphotographical'... He is also an administrator of Xposed.

Location: Mol, BE
Specialty: Military aviation, people, products
Website: Focaldesign :: Fotografie& Webdesign ::

A Safari in Tanzania

In 2005, Jochen started organising a safari trip for XPosed members. And in June 2006 the long awaited moment had come. He and his wife were joined by Tinne, Koen (aka Kodoal), Willy (aka Sonyke) and Frans (at that time a new XPosed member), and off they went to the northern parks of Tanzania! This collection features 30 of Jochen's best shots, taken in Tarangire, Manyara and Serengeti National Parks, and in the Ngorongoro crater.

Pictures by:
Jochen Van de Perre

Okavango, Botswana

Johan spends about three months per year in southern Afica, mostly in private concessions around famous national parks (like Mala Mala in the Sabi Sands near Kruger National Park, and Duba Plains/Mombo in the Okavango delta, etc). These images were shot in May 2006 at Mala Mala, Kwara and Lebala. He is currently working on his first book, and you should keep an eye out for it, as from the looks of it, it will be on par (or even better?) than the books of famous shooters.

Pictures by:
Johan De Bondt

Rock Ternat

Since a couple of years now, XPosed is covering Rock Ternat from beginning (setting up the giant tent) to end (the very last note of the last performer). The Rock Ternat organizations as always treated us very, very well, even allowing us access to special events backstage and a helicopter flight. Of course, we gladly provide them with all the images they could possibly need or ask for. We hope that this friendship lasts for years to come! Below is a collection of 40 shots, assembled from our images of 2006 and 2007. This collection can also be seen in the VIP tent backstage. Rock on!

Pictures by:
John Van den Eede, Jochen Van de Perre, Jimmy De Taeye, Kristof Vermeulen, Stef Vandersmissen

Sports shots by Chris

Chris has practiced many sports throughout the years. But other than practicing sports, he also likes to take sports pictures. What discipline? Does that really matter? He has photographed about all disciplines there are, and he's just getting better every time. This collection boasts 30 of his best shots, and you'll be hard-pressed to find two images of the same discipline. Enjoy!

Pictures by:
Chris Vaes

Steenhout menwedstrijden

For two years now, XPosed has been covering this great event, with about 10 shooters per day. As this event is located in the most beautiful setting imaginable, we got beautiful pics galore! Time to show only the best... which is not an easy task, as we got more than 10000 images to choose from!

Pictures by:
J. Van de Perre, J. De Taeye, S. Vandersmissen, R. Van Eyken, R. Compté, E. Legein, D. Vannecke, T. Wouters, J. Van den Eede, A. Roossens, E. Vandeputte, J. Van Bogaert, W. Bertels, F. Roes

Can I hire one or more Xposed members?

Yes, you can. You can contact any photographer you like, just visit their personal page here on Xposed for their contact data. If you do not have a preference, or if you are not sure which photographer would fit your assignment best, just send a mail to our general email address.

Can I use the pictures seen on this website?

Not without preliminary agreement of the photographer. So it's for every Xposed member to decide personally wether or not you may use the image. We suggest contacting the owner of the image. Most photographers will charge for prints or web use, but prices will be VERY reasonable.

Can I join the Xposed team?

Yes, but not at your own initiative. We've found out in the past that big groups are like big firms; communication is slow and ineffective, descision making is not evident either, and it's almost impossible to please everybody. So, we'd like to keep it small and cosy. There's about fifty of us now, and we decided that from now on, only XPosed members themselves can propose new blood.

Is there a hidden forum?

Yes, there is. The forum is extensive and unmoderated (no need), but it is only accesible by XPosed members.

Can I advertise on this site?

No you cannot. Frankly, we don't really need the money (yet). As a result, our pages are banner free. And to be honest, we'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible.


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