02-07-2010 Sara & Jurgen's wedding pics
03-06-2010 Kristofs picturs in Le Mans Guide
27-11-2009 Rock Ternat 2009, pictures online
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07-2010 Sara & Jurgen
02-2010 Legend Boucles de Spa
01-2010 Nieuwjaarsconcert in Weense opperettestijl
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Currently, 55 people are member of XPosed. We are a very diverse foto group consisting of both amateurs
and (semi-)professionals. Some of us have uploaded a personal page with sample images to this website.


Rock Ternat
Steenhout menwedstrijden
Sports shots by Chris
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We, members of XPosed, like our hobby. We like it very much! And as such, we're always on the lookout for new
challenges. Do you have an interesting assignment for us? Then please let us know!
What kind of challenge? Doesn't matter! As you can see from our photographers pages, our interests
are quite diverse. If your needs have a high photographic value, we are definitely interested!